Sonic the Hedgehog

With these Sonic the Hedgehog Party Supplies and Decorations you can put together an awesome birthday party as quick as Sonic and friends! These Sonic tableware items, decorations, and party favors feature various Sonic the Hedgehog characters to make your little one’s birthday a blast! Make a rush to the tables decorated with awesome Sonic the Hedgehog tableware! Serve up some delicious food and desserts on paper lunch and dessert plates featuring Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow. Complete with the golden rings from the video game your friends and family will feel like winners using these Sonic plates! Enjoy your favorite beverages using Sonic the Hedgehog Cups! Accompany your plates and cups with beverage and lunch napkins that feature Sonic in action. Display all of your Sonic the Hedgehog tableware on top of a Sonic the Hedgehog Table Cover with patterns and graphics featuring Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Doctor Eggman. Decorate your Sonic or video game-themed party with awesome Sonic the Hedgehog balloons! Each balloon comes in blue, light blue, or red and features a black outline of Sonic in the background and a white outline of Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails in the foreground. Tie Sonic balloons to your chairs or doorknobs and your Sonic the Hedgehog decorations will be complete! After the Sonic party, send guests off with goodies and favors in a Sonic the Hedgehog Favor Cup! Fill it up with candy, toys, or Sonic the Hedgehog Tattoos featuring various characters from the video game. Show your appreciation for your guests after they have a ball at your Sonic the Hedgehog party! Your little one will have the time of their life with these Sonic the Hedgehog Party Supplies! Complete their special day with this awesome assortment of Sonic the Hedgehog tableware!